AIMS is a leading implementer of enterprise software and related IT services and one of the largest suppliers of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (ERP) in the MENA region. AIMS Is the owner, Editor and implementer of Socrate ERP since 1987.


At AIMS, we firmly believe that our customers are our greatest asset and have been actively working towards their ultimate satisfaction and growing with them to unprecedented heights over the years.
  • Khawla Mouhidin AIMS ERP
    I would like to take this opportunity to say that the quality of the service offered by AIMS over the past 18 months has been highly impressive.Every aspect of your services has been excellent; and every member of your staff has been courteous, professional and reliable.Thank you very much for the quick response of your support team in resolving our technical issues.
    Khawla Mohidin
    Chief Financial Officer at PEPSI (Erbil)
  • Edmond Baradei AIMS ERP
    Over the past 10 years, NTC-Carrier has had the opportunity to work with Aims & especially on Socrate ERP System.We have always felt very fortunate to have a solid relationship with your team and to know that all of our company's needs would be met during each visit or even by phone.Your technical support consistently works in a very professional manner that impressed everyone with the company. We learned that we could always count on you for providing service in a reliable and flawless manner. We highly recommend your ability and service.
    Edmond Baradei
    Finance & Administration Manager at NTC-Carrier
  • Farid Naggiar
    In 1990, when we decided to embark into a technological upgrade of our company, Naggiar, and after a thorough search of the market, we selected the Socrate® software developed by AIMS.In our ERP, Socrate® initially supported our accounting system. Nowadays, Socrate® is implemented throughout our entire business processes, i.e. procurement,, stock management, planning, production, etc., besides accounting. The AIMS team provides us with a high level of personalized services.After 25 years of dealing with AIMS, we may state that their committed team is fully dedicated to go with us the extra mile towards our business success story.We wish to thank AIMS’s entire team for these long years of cooperation and we look forward to many more years to come of shared success.
    Farid Naggiar
    Managing Director at Naggiar Trading S.A.L.
  • Chakib Chehad AIMS ERP
    We're a Socrate Application user for the past 2 years. In particular we use it for our project management and contracting sectors.We were looking to automate essential business processes, and provide critical controls to help drive on-time and on-budget delivery of projects.We began the technology evaluation process looking for a feature rich, and easy-to-use system to support both project management and construction projects, and that is what AIMS offered.Our experience with Socrate has been a positive one...the support staff has been great in helping us tailor the program to our needs.AIMS developers have done a commendable job in doing the best possible configuration in Socrate for our business requirements. Their plan and approach towards each stage of the implementation are admirable. AIMS team extensive experience helped us to have newly developed modules in and around Socrate to handle our procedures. The integration with Microsoft software makes most of our operations centralized in Socrate.Thanks to AIMS Team.
    Chakib Chehab
    General Manager at Malia International
  • Salwa Koleilat
    It is with gratification that we praise the eminence of the Accounting system as well as the quality of the support provided by the AIMS team. The team exhibited nothing but professionalism, efficient assistance, and tackling of intricate issues in a clear-cut manner, thus simplifying matters for our team.
    Salwa Koleilat
    Business Analyst at Laceco International architects & engineers
  • Pierre Hervouet AIMS ERP
    I have the pleasure to testimony of the quality of the support of the AIMS teams we have been used the payroll module for 6 years, and the teams was all the time responsive and professional in their approach, and those on site, by phone and or tele-maintenance. We appreciate also their knowledge in the management issues that allow them to address complex issue in easy manner. For this reason we have deployed the system in other branches (Saudi, Egypt).
    Pierre Hervouet
    Business Performance Department Manager at Khatib & Alami
  • Henry Ohikhena AIMS ERP
    As a growing organisation, we felt that we needed a business package that could grow with us. With AIMS's software solutions, we are able to choose what modules we need. AIMS ERP solution has aided the flow of internal business processes and allowed for communication between all our business departments and its internal functions and data. This has allowed our organisation to get an immediate picture of its real-time operations: production, inventory, order processing, etc. The layout is professional looking, user-friendly and makes work stress-free. This has helped us stay organised and efficiently collaborate. Manual data entry has reduced drastically, customisability of the software greatly assisted in making our vision of a higher level of productivity, specialisation & automation an achievable reality. To AIMS and all that it represents we say thank you, your skills, knowledge and innovation allowed us to achieve synergy.
    Henry Ohikhena
    Director at Georgio Rocks Limited
  • Gaullaume Kuhn AIMS ERP
    Après une première expérience avec l'ancienne version de Socrate, nous avons décidé en raison du développement de notre société d'implémenter la version platinium de Socrate. Ce choix a été fait après avoir réalisé une étude de marché qui a clairement fait sortir du lot la solution Socrate en raison de l'exhaustivité des domaines gérés et de son prix compétitif. Après une année d'utilisation, le résultat est très positif : mise en place d'un nouveau plan comptable général et analytique, mise en place d'un suivi budgétaire, mise en place de la gestion de stocks… La prochaine étape sera l'utilisation de Socrate web pour gérer plusieurs circuits de documents : commande interne, demande d'absence…et éliminer le papier, tout en simplifiant la vie des utilisateurs. Le succès de cette implémentation repose en grande partie sur l'engagement personnel des collaborateurs d'Aims pour la réussite de ce projet. Un grand merci à R.Zablith et à son équipe.
    Guillaume Kuhn
    Directeur Administratif et Financier at Emirates Center for Wildlife Propagation
  • Al Mithalia AIMS ERP
    Since almost a year, Al Mithalia has fully shifted to the use of Socrate ERP in all its departments such as Administration, Human Recourses, Finance, Accounting, Procurement and Production. Today, we are fully satisfied with the output received after this full implementation although we have been through some ups and downs but we have to really appreciate the direct support we have been always receiving from AIMS Management and Support Staff. For us, the big value of Socrate relies in its capability of being easily customised. Being operating in the Saudi Market which differs in many aspects from the Other Market,we had to request many modifications that best fits our organisation and market needs and we were fully supported from AIMS side thus nowadays the majority has been implemented and few upgrades are still under development.
    Jihad Al Houwayek
    Marketing Manager at Al Mithalia
    It is a pleasure to say that ACC has been dealing with Aims since 1996. ACC are using Socrate in 7 different Branches (Lebanon, KSA, Syria, Egypt, Dubai, Iraq & Jordan), and the system proved to be of a high potential and up to our expectations. Moreover, Data is centralized in our head office, allowing us, to control and build up reports on activities of all branches, locally. I want to show all appreciation to the team supporting ACC (Miss Eliane, Mr Habib, Mr Tony, Miss Christelle Miss Joelle & Others). I this regard. Having the chance to interact with such expertise, know how and team work is a joy for each and every person within ACC.
    Kassem Yammout
    Accountant at ACC
    Over the past 10 years, DUNES worked with Aims on Socrate System. We have always felt we have a solid relationship with your team and were confident that our company's needs would be met during each visit or even by phone. Your technical support is consistent and professional. We learned that we could always count on you for providing service in a reliable and flawless manner. Today we are upgrading to the Platinum version with full confidence that not only we will be getting a new version of the same software but a version that will reflect the evolution of the software industry. We highly recommend your systems and services.
    Ziad Dakroub
    Executive Manager at Dunes
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