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Perhaps you have recently noticed the gradual changes happening in different working environments? Changes to the economy, increased competition from inside and outside the country, changes related to Government policy, etc. Chances are that your mind has already been set about how your business will survive such changes to either adapt or even pro-act to it. Most businesses find themselves in dilemmas quite similar to yours. Through research, it is found that they now demand clearer information about their company's internal processes for improved control, as well as increased cost-efficiency in handling client requirements, production, delivery and support. All that, is meeting success through Information technology.

When computerization gradually covers more of the company's internal processes, it generates a number of benefits but also a few problems of technical and human nature. At AIMS we have and will always work towards minimizing such problems. The company holds a track record of over 1800 successful software installations in the Middle East laying down a simple and pertinent proof of our ability.

We perfectly understand that in the process of improving computerization in your company you are looking for a complete integrated solution. With our flexibility, you may wish to automate only part of your accounting, or you may also wish to computerize your departments before others for many practical or financial reasons. However we also understand (and ensure) that your past or future investments in computerization should not loose value in time due to our continuous software updates. Better yet they should be as good for you in the future as they are now. At AIMS we just do that. We did it for many others. We can do it for you.
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