Socrate Platinum Series 6 is the state of the art in enterprise solution. Being developed using the most recent programming tools and having an SQL database engine, Socrate Platinum Series 6 is an up-to-date tool offering managers the control and improvement of their critical business processes.


Features and modules are fully integrated together. A transaction posted in one module will automatically generate transactions into other modules. With such shortcuts, redundancy of work is eliminated and data becomes more accurate, easier to control and manage. Primary Processing Documents (PPD) provides a unique source for data entry. Each PPD generates its own statistics and analysis results.


Covers most of the activity of each department providing a comprehensive enterprise solution.


Its modular structure as well as its customization facilities provide each site with a powerful and scalable ERP solution. Customization can be done on the level of the screen design, report generation as well as data content and structure.


Socrate Platinum Series 6 interacts also with the Web and internet as well as other software using 32bits Windows technology. Import/Export and synchronization facilities are also available. Reports can be directly e-mailed to destination. New reports can be designed using Excel, Access, MS Outlook, etc.


SQL 2008 Server, Multi company, Multi site, Multi currency, Multi user, Multi language, Modular, Integrated, User friendly, Client/Server, Context sensitive help, Complete electronic documentation, Easy customization, On-line update, High level of security, Powerful report generators, Connection to (Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.).

Multi-Site Companies, departments and sub-departments can be managed on the same site or even on remote sites. A special data replication feature enables different sites to merge their transactions with other remote sites.

Main Features:
✔ Manages an unlimited number of sites.
✔ Flags any updated transaction to be exported to other sites.
✔ Provides a complete history on data replication.
✔ Replicates the data in an on-line mode.


For groups of companies having one or many affiliates, Socrate Platinum 6.0 manages an unlimited number of groups. Warehouses, points of sales, cost centers, cash and bank accounts are allocated for each department or sub-department. Consolidation is available for all features (Sales, AP, AR, Inventory, Procurement, etc.).

Main Features:
✔ Manages an unlimited number of groups of companies.
✔ Manages up to 99 independent companies per group.
✔ Manages up to 99 departments per company.
✔ Manages up to 99 departments for each department.
✔ Performs on-line consolidation per company or group of companies.


This is the core of the filing system of Socrate. Each contact, company, project, asset,... is assigned a file which will hold any transaction related to this one. Files are processed depending on their category: contact files will hold addresses, debit/credit ceilings, terms of payment, etc. while an asset file will hold purchase value, and depreciation methods... Each is the container of transactions recorded by other modules (accounting entries, orders, memos, invoices, etc.). By referring to a file in any transaction, the system keeps a virtual copy of this transaction into the file. Thus when querying it, Socrate displays a consolidated overview of the content of this one (accounts, sales, memos, etc.).

Main Features:
✔ Manages up to 99 different categories of files.
✔ Holds complete data for each category of file.
✔ Allows multiple criteria for indexes and sorting lists.
✔ Consolidates data per file (memos, sales ledger, accounting balances, etc.).
✔ Provides a user defined database UDDB for each category of file.
✔ Uses each file as a cost center in the cost accounting system or as a contact file for the AP/AR modules.


The currency log-file enables Socrate to handle multi-currency operations with on-line conversion facilities. Socrate Platinum can be configured to work on one, or two basic currencies. Each value is managed simultaneously according to the following: Original currency, Local currency, Second local currency (optional).

Main Features:
✔ Manages unlimited number of foreign currencies with one or two local currencies.
✔ Maintains a daily register of currency rates.
✔ Prints out variation tables and charts of currencies.
✔ Holds multiple conversion schemes and reports: historical conversion, at rate, etc.


It is the audit trail of the system. Managers and system administrators are provided with the tool to query at any moment "Who has done what, when and where" for any activity performed by a user.

Main Features:
✔ Keeps track of all operations processed by any user of the system.
✔ Allows an instant retrieval of any information according to multiple selection criteria.
✔ Stores the activity information in the archive log-file.


In a multi-user environment, you need to control who can do what, when and where. For this, Socrate Platinum provides a high level of security, protecting the data and functions of the system. Only users; who have the right to, can access and modify an information, or a report of the system. Each user can customize his preferences (languages, passwords, font, department, company, currency, etc.).

Main Features:
✔ Allows the creation of an unlimited number of users and levels.
✔ Accepts exceptions for users and groups of users.
✔ Designs different security schemes for functions, groups of companies, companies, accounts, cost centers and periods.
✔ Allows the customization of the user's preferences.
✔ Provides different access modes: "Read, modify, create, delete or print".
✔ Allows the locking of audited periods.
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