Socrate Platinum’s financial feature suggests to the user a simple and yet integrated approach to managing his financial operations. In case you are looking for a powerful and simple system to manage your General Ledger, your assets ledger, to compute and control interest on accounts, to manage your payables and receivables, to control the due date of collection and payments, to generate cash forecast, to develop and follow-up different budget scenarios, to design and submit different financial statements, as well as many other useful features that are a must for a good financial package, you will find in Socrate Platinum the proper tools to assist you in executing these tasks in the most comprehensive and simple way.


The Warehouse system covers almost all possible features a business might need to manage its procurement, sales, and inventories. Socrate Platinum’s trading and distribution system suggests to the user a simple and yet integrated approach to manage his business operations.


Socrate Platinum’s HR Modules cover all activities related to the employees of a company. HR modules maintain a complete database of employees from initial recruitment through employment untill their departure, including contract information, CV Management, salary details, attendance, payroll calculations, archives as well as an advanced HR module which can be integrated with a workflow system to optimize HR requests and utilize the expertise of all employees.


Socrate Platinum’s CRM modules allow organizations to manage a companys’ interactions with sales prospects and clients. It organizes and synchronizes business processes related mainly to sales activities and to customer service. As far as sales automation, this solution allows users to track the sales process and have an insightful view of the global situation of current and potential sales. Furthermore, for after sales operations, Socrate Platinum’s CRM Modules cover a call center and workshop management which helps directing a customer to the agent or technician who can best help him with his problem. After sales CRM provides a solution to a crucial matter for all companies who provides services to their clients and who wish to improve their clients’ satisfaction level.
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