The agency module has been developed specially for agency companies that act as intermediary between a supplier and a customer. No warehousing is required; operations are based on commissioning rules. Transactions are managed directly between a supplier and a customer. Revenue is based on commission on sales.


✔ Generates transactions from unlimited number of departments.
✔ Outputs reports per department or consolidated.
✔ Provides flexible alphanumeric coding of items.
✔ Provides multiple ‘sub-items’ of an item including packages, colors and sizes...
✔ Manages multiple substitutes per item.

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✔ Manages potential suppliers and customers for each item.
✔ Tracks commission on sales.
✔ Shifts through a wizard from price request quotation --> purchase order --> receipt voucher --> payment voucher.
✔ Manages shipping expenses.
✔ Integrates user-defined database for inventory items.
✔ Integrates with accounting, maturity dates and cash flow.
✔ Outputs statistics, reports and graphs on sales and profit margins: per item, customer, area, sales representative, supplier, period and analytical section.
✔ Provides powerful report generators.
✔ Manages VAT and tax (optional).

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