One of the main features a manager would like to include in his financial budget is the ability to compare the actual results to the budgeted ones.
A budget should also be continuously updated in order to reflect market changes and operations. Developing a budget is also assisted by a wizard that provides values and utilities to import data from previous periods or simulations by adding an increase or a decrease factor, splitting amounts on different periods and cost centers until the final figure is reached. This procedure can be driven for different budget scenarios giving the finance the ability to compare the achieved results v/s optimistic, realistic or pessimistic budgets.


✔ Maintains unlimited budget scenarios for the same year with the possibility of modifying them.
✔ Allows the management of periodical and due date multi currency budgets.
✔ Provides a budget wizard to assist the user in developing new budgets.
✔ Allows budget requests, budget reallocation, budget offsetting.
✔ Reports budget v/s actual per account or cost center.

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