For contractors and project managers, Socrate Platinum offers a project management module for estimation, costing, budgeting and monitoring projects. This powerful tool, leads the management to an effective control over project execution, by reporting variation between actual and BOQ, percentage of completion, cost to complete as well as other useful reports for a better project management.


✔ Assists the user to establish a detailed budget for the project in process.
✔ Detailed BOQ including phases, tasks and items.
✔ Allows allocation of resources on BOQ level including materials, equipement and man hours.
✔ Compares the Bill Of Quantities v/s consumption.
✔ Provides detailed technical data sheet for each task.

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✔ Enables multiple budget scenarios.
✔ Prepares Requisition vouchers based on BOQ.
✔ Provides an accurate calculation of cost per job and per project.
✔ Updates automatically the inventory and the work in progress account.
✔ Tracks costs for each job and work in progress.
✔ Calculates percentage of completion.
✔ Measures actual performance with regards to the initial planning of a job.
✔ Monitors progress for current projects.
✔ Analyzes past projects’ profitability.
✔ Allows the creation of cost breakdowns.
✔ Assists through a wizard in total/partial closing and billing of a project.
✔ Provides wizards that assit in revenue recognition.
✔ Integrates to Microsoft Project scheduler and Outlook.

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