The manufacturing module provides an easy integration with other Socrate Platinum modules namely the inventory control and procurement modules. It supports the entire range of production strategies (standard and non-standard productions), as well as production levels. It holds accurate planning capabilities through its MRP (Material Requirement Planning) system ensuring by it, on-time delivery of customers’ orders.


✔ Allows definition of standard components of a produced item.
✔ Unlimited production levels.
✔ Integrates the cost of raw material, semi-finished products labor and equipment into each step of production.
✔ Updates automatically the inventory of raw material and semi-finished during the manufacturing steps.
✔ Provides multi-level bill of quantities including raw material, semi-finished product, service & expenses items (labor…) which reduces unnecessary overheads.

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✔ Manages item configuration allowing the users to update or create an accurate database of manufactured products.
✔ Plans and schedules MRP systems.
✔ Calculates automatically the production cost.
✔ Allows manual or automatic allocation of cost of components over produced items.
✔ Generates recommendations for purchases and productions when necessary, based on customers’ orders.
✔ Provides customized planning through system parameters that can be changed upon demand and updates automatically the work in progress accounts and cost accounting.
✔ Integrates with Microsoft Project scheduler and Outlook.

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