Socrate Platinum provides a complete and flexible tool to manage all payroll and personnel related activities ranging from salary to daily reports, overtime, time sheets... It holds a powerful calculation engine to provide an easy way to compute payroll, print pay slips, checks and generate accounting entries.


✔ Allows a mass update of tax deductions, tax and exemption dates.
✔ Calculates automatically overtimes, deductions, advances on salaries, taxes, etc...
✔ Manages an unlimited number of payroll plans and pay procedures which can handle all arithmetical and logical operations.
✔ Holds an archive data system for the current as well as previous years with the possibility of an instant retrieval from the archive.
✔ Prints pay slips and check forms.

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✔ Posts all payroll transactions and integrates them into the General Ledger.
✔ Provides a tool to customize daily reports, payroll plans, pay slips and checks.

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