For businesses managing front office operations where we need to generate hundreds and thousands of transactions that can be linked to the back office system in order to update inventory and statistics, we have developed a special interface, more powerful and yet much easier to operate than a cash register.
This module manages also barcode readers and printers, cash drawers and receipt printers. It also enables a quick invoicing mode, as well as other cash register operations. In addition to the common specifications of Socrate Platinum, and the Inventory, Sales and Procurement package, the point of sales module offers the following main features.


✔ Provides a quick invoicing mode.
✔ Gives access to an item by its barcode, code, number or look-up feature.
✔ Manages void, change and other cash register operations.
✔ Allows hold/un-hold invoices.
✔ Calculates cash position including cash closing operations.

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✔ Manages credit operations with the integration into the accounting system.
✔ Manages inventory for each point of sale.
✔ Prints out a sales journal.
✔ Generates a barcode for non-coded items.
✔ Searches for previous sales transactions based on item’s codes and/or customer.
✔ Fidelity card.

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