Socrate Platinum provides a powerful workflow system that allows the user designing and monitoring the route that a specific document will follow within the company. From the moment a document is created until it is archived, the software will notify concerned people that a document has reached their inbox to be reviewed and/ or approved. No need to circulate a hard copy within the company. This powerful module will be another significant step towards achieving a genuine paperless office system.


✔ Each document can have multiple workflows.
✔ Each workflow is user-defined.
✔ Each document is tracked within a specific workflow.
✔ Electronic approval system though internal or external mail.
✔ Comments and notifications are logged automatically and inputted at each level.

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✔ Automatic notification of users involved in a document.
✔ Requested action can be defined from each user (None, Review, Approve etc...).
✔ History of actions and comments per user per document.
✔ Process documents upon reaching a final stage.

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✔ Applicants, Job offers, job termination etc...
✔ Purchase request, purchase order etc...
✔ RFQ, Sales quotation, sales order etc...
✔ Debit/credit notes, payment and receipt vouchers etc...
✔ Production order, consumption voucher etc...

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✔ BOQ, quotes, requisition vouchers etc...
✔ Customer calls, job orders.
✔ Escalating a request etc...
As well as many other documents managed by Socrate.

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