Socrate series 7 is a hybrid, scalable, secure, and user-friendly ERP solution for growing businesses in need of improved collaboration, agility, and innovation in the face of today’s ultra-connected world. The enterprise solution is available in both web and on-premise versions.

The ease of implementation, maintenance and free accessibility anytime, anywhere and on just any device, associated with the web based version of the ERP have contributed to the popularity of Socrate 7 as a winning alternative to the traditional on-premise licensing model. Which nonetheless remains the desired choice for many organizations that prefer to keep their data’s security under their own control or else wish to heavily customize the platform in order to meet their unique business needs.


Socrate Series 7 is a multidimentional ERP allowing for:

✔ Multiple sites
✔ Multiple companies
✔ Multiple languages (English, French and Arabic)
✔ Multiple currencies


With Socrate 7’s advanced SoD controls, businesses will be able to eliminate any risk of fraud and/or misappropriation by users who have excessive authority. Business owners no longer have to worry about users creating fictitious or fraudulent entries using one transaction and concealing the fraud using another.


Bid farewell to traceability issues with Socrate 7. The solution’s integral audit trails reinforce accountability and enable the recreation of transaction flows from start to finish, making it easier than ever to identify the origin of any error(s).


Powered by a powerful database management system, Socrate 7 delivers a suit of fully integrated business management modules that organizations can acquire independently or altogether and use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from all business activities, hence facilitating the flow of information between all business functions and managing connections to outside stakeholders.


✔ Modular
✔ Integrated
✔ User friendly
✔ Open architecture
✔ Powerful client & server environment
✔ Context sensitive help


✔ Complete electronic documentation
✔ Easy customization
✔ Online update available
✔ High security level
✔ Powerful report generator
✔ Direct connection to Office products
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