Quality Assurance career AIMS ERP


Overall responsibility for QA in the Quality Assurance Department.Responsibilities include direct management of a team that is responsible for testing software/system enhancements.

Duties & Responsabilities:

  1. System testing for fixes and enhancements and full regression testing which may also involve the utilization of automated testing tools.
  2. Interfacing with business areas and IT Directors to ensure development of test plans and test data created by the team are accurate and sufficient.
  3. Maintaining and enhancing both business and technical knowledge for the entire team.
  4. Assuring company conformity with CMMI 1 &2 quality regulations and standards.
  5. Reviewing all new software releases and endorsing the best new industry standards and practices.
  6. Formulating and implementing the company QA policy and procedures.
  7. Working with IT development in order to ensure that any changes to systems execute accurately and do not adversely impact existing production processing.
  8. Scheduling team assignments in accordance with project priorities to ensure expected timelines are met.
  9. Ensuring the quality Management Systems (QMS) meets the highest standards and that the development teams are working to the very best standards set to ensure all efficiency and compliance issues are met.
  10. Monitoring the team's performance for compliance with the IT System's Development Methodology and identify processimprovements where applicable.
  11. Publishing periodic QA management reports.
  12. Reporting to GM: Weekly meetings, Timesheet , etc.

Knowledge & Skill Requirements:

  1. Two years QA management experience in a ERP environment.
  2. A degree (Preferred) in Software Engineering.
  3. A strong sense of organization and leadership capabilities.
  4. Knowledge of CMMI 1&2 coupled with Tick IT and ISO 9001:2000.
  5. Experience in QMS implementation.

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