Socrate Platinum provides a complete and flexible tool to manage the attendance of the company’s staff. Data is recorded through an attendance reading machine (magnetic card, fingerprint reader, palm reader…) and transferred to Socrate. Data is archived into an employee log file, and then compared to the schedule of each employee. Discrepancies are submitted to the management and can be automatically imported into the payroll.


✔ Connects to any reader machine (magnetic badge, finger prints reader etc…).
✔ Manages multiple shifts per day, including overnights shifts.
✔ Manages employee scheduled attendance.
✔ Compares schedule v/s actual.
✔ Accepts user-defined schemas including yearly holidays, unpaid leaves, on-site jobs etc...

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✔ Prints out the schedule for each employee.
✔ Prints out the attendance sheet.
✔ Prints out summaries (total days absence, vacation, overtime...).
✔ Integrates with payroll.

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